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The home selling experience is something that requires extraordinary expertise, marketing knowledge and fast results. Hershey’s Mill Realty is the company that has the advantage of being on-site in the community of Hershey’s Mill, and the only one who specializes exclusively in the listing and selling of real estate in Hershey’s Mill.

  1. Learn your Home's True Market Value
    Get help in establishing the right asking price for your house. Asking too much can be as detrimental as asking too little for your property. We can provide you with information on current market conditions and prepare a professional Comparative Market Analysis.

  2. Choose a Professional
    Everyone on on our team is committed to making your selling experience a pleasant and stress-free one. We have a long resource of other professionals who we can recommend for any of your needs related to the sale. Because we are on-site, we can assist with many details and check on the house regularly while it's on the market if you need to sell from a remote location, have to go out of town, or need to move before your home is sold.
  3. Marketing your Home
    We use a variety of advertising vehicles to market your home. We have a specific market, and a niche unlike any other real estate company. Our location, right at the entrance of the community, is the first place most buyers come when they decide to buy. Because of all of our walk-in traffic, we have developed and maintain a large mailing list for all price ranges. Internet advertising via our web site, Realtor.com, and other sites that we are linked to are another strong vehicle. We also advertise in the local and major city newspapers as well as other smaller publications and magazines.
  4. Accepting an Offer
    We will thoroughly explain all contracts and addenda related to the sale. All negotiations will be handled through us and we always have your best interest in mind. Our goal is to help you get the highest price possible for your home in the shortest amount of time. We will review and explain all information related to the various inspections and be your advocate throughout the process. If you would like your attorney to review any contract, we will be happy to forward all paperwork.
  5. Preparing to Move
    We are happy to provide you with lists of relocation specialists who can simplify your move.
  6. Settlement
    Your Hershey’s Mill agent will be in constant communication throughout the period from the signing of the contract until closing. They will help with the arrangement for any work that will need to be done to satisfy the home inspection, township, or village requirements. Your agent will also be your liaison between the Homeowner's Association Management company and you for any communication that need to be made. They will prepare your closing letter, update your settlement costs and provide all necessary contacts to assist you in canceling utilities.
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